Elite Fitness Lifestyle is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and expanding your understanding on how a healthy and strong lifestyle can improve your life. We have many satisfied members who have reached their goals and beyond with the help of our experienced staff.


“Melissa [CEO Elite Fitness Lifestyle] has been able to help me fully understand how to work out properly, with correct form, and encouraged me to push myself to fitness levels I didn't know I could obtain. She has a great understanding of the mechanics of the human body (which is very important in a trainer!!) and she's very passionate about getting you fit! I went from not being able to run two blocks, to running two miles and more. I had vastly increased my muscle tone all over my body within the first month. Melissa is warm, funny and charismatic which makes it so much easier to look forward to a workout with her. Without a doubt Melissa is a fantastic personal trainer for anyone, at any age, at any fitness level.”​
Katie Myers, Product Specialist


This program has improved my quality of life and confidence, applying the hard work to my daily tasks. Having some hip and lower back issues, the staff took care of me and instructed what I need to work on in order to improve. I was able to keep up with the rest of the members, program, and the fighters.”​
Reuben Dasalla, Project Manager​ and Medical Technical Analyst


Melissa's conditioning program is an awesome way to whip anyone into shape! She has the knowledge, personal interaction skills and patient guidance that provide a great place to learn. She is enthusiastic and encouraging, an awesome combination that cultivates the most exciting and productive workout environment. Her workouts kick butt and are painfully awesome!!!”​
Cat Kung, Attorney


"Melissa is the best conditioning coach I know. You tell her about any weak points you have or aesthetic desires you have and she'll help you. She can help you rehabilitate an injury or maybe you took some time off and you need to build back up slowly, or maybe you want to get more advanced, she can make it all happen for you. All you need to do is do it. She won't yell at you or belittle you if you're slacking off, instead she has her way of putting a smile on your face and making you more inclined to perform. She also does group Tabata and other timed workouts which will really rev your performance and give you a lot of wind. She also keeps an eye on everyone to make sure you're doing the movements right so you don't develop any knee problems or other issues like that​."
Joel Benford, Real Estate assistant


" I started training with Melissa last year [2013]. Melissa is an awesome trainer! The dedication to her clients is priceless! If you want to feel and look good, Melissa is there to work with you all the way!"
Sonia Abrego, Social Services


When I started training with Melissa it was about 6 months ago [January 2014] this was to prepare for a race called Buddy Muddy, it was sooo hard at the beginning but the more I try and not miss any day the better I was getting and my condition was changing, when I did the competition it was like nothing and I could do it twice that's how easy it was. I just wanted to do it just for that competition but I love this program so much and I stay not only that Melissa is a such a great trainer and an amazing friend."
Tulio Flores, International Profesional Artist


"I had been looking for a fitness program for my company and started a conversation with Elite Fitness Lifestyle about 6 months ago. I can happily say that since then we have introduced their on site wellness program and training to our employees they have delivered as promised and then some! We have been extremely pleased with their profesinalisim and the changes they have brought for us. 
Lori Jones, VP HR